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Our Culture

Disruptive Innovation is our commitment, & fundamental motivation, to remain progressive in a world that is rapidly changing. Our work ethic remains second to none as is our commitment to becoming SA’s no 1 software company.


Mpilo Tech is a 100% Black Owned, Managed and Staffed Level 1 BEE contributor. Our aim is to not only benefit from BEE but also to contribute to the successful transformation of the South African IT industry.

Our History

Mpilo Tech was originally founded in 2004 and merged with Software Arkitex in 2011. This partnership formed a strong company with 50 employees and a R40 million turnover. In 2015, the companies parted ways and Mpilo Tech was re-established.


Since its relaunch, Mpilo Tech has focused its business on Mobility, Real-Time and IoT technologies to enable its clients to compete globally.

What Makes Us

The human factor is a fundamental aspect of our business. According to the unwritten IT law, the quality of the product is only as good as the team that produced it. That is why Mpilo Tech’s capital asset is a team of united, like-minded professionals. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are employed on a full-time basis. Periodically, the company may hire 20-30 contractors, mainly for experts in specialised subject areas and technologies, as well as instructors.



Our Team

The Mpilo Tech team is made up of young highly motivated and skilled university graduates lead by highly experienced Information Technology professionals with extensive experience in building of large mission critical solutions.

Experience & Education

The average age of our employees is 27 with an average of six years' IT experience. Our team is young, mentally nimble and well-versed in the latest technologies. Many of them started working at Mpilo Tech while senior university students or straight after graduation.


Practically all of our employees are certified specialists or masters in IT, Applied Mathematics and other IT-related fields. Thanks to the high value that we placed on education, each member of our team is more than a coder.

More about us

Meet Our CEO

Born and raised in Kimberley, Northern Cape, Denzil is a natural born leader with a great passion for the technology industry. He holds a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Western Cape University.


Denzil began his career at Tactical Software Solutions (TSS) where he developed a number of applications including a Debit Order Verification System. He there after joined Knowledge Management Consultants (KMC) and later joined Professional Provident Society (PPS). Denzil gained valuable knowledge and experience in building large mission critical applications at PPS. Showing tremendous commitment and dedication to his craft, he later rose up in the ranks and assumed the role of Principal Enterprise Architect.


In 2005 Denzil started his Entrepreneurial journey and founded Mpilo Software Solutions offering Software Development services. In 2011 Mpilo Software Solutions merged with a like-minded Software Development company with Denzil assuming the role of CEO of the merged entity. After 3 years of sustained growth Denzil and his partner decided to part ways and revert back to their individual companies and hence the formation of Mpilo Technologies in 2015.


Overcoming great obstacles, Denzil persisted and has secured a partnership with Temenos – the world’s biggest provider of  Banking Software.


MpiloTech in undergoing a significant Brand reconstruction which will be unvailed in the months to come. Watch this space. #DankieMpilo

Our Services

Temenos Infinity - Digital Banking Front Office Implementation:


MpiloTech is the premier Temenos partner for the implementation of the Temenos Infinity Digital Banking Front Office. Temenos Infinity drives outstanding experiences across customer journeys, from acquisition, servicing and through retention. With an extensive set of standalone services, Temenos Infinity also offers new microservice-based distribution services.

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User eXperience Design (UXD):


Our User eXperience Design (UXD) Practice designs thoughtful, engaging, user-centric Digital Applications that drive outstanding user experiences. We work with our clients to define their business goals, create an engagement model aligned with their market segment and deliver an intelligently personalized customer experience. We help create contextual User Experience environments that enable interactions with your brand, custom tailored to your customer interests and providing them with a visually pleasing multi-channel experience across all touch-points in their customer journey.

Resource Augmentation:


Resource Augmentation:

Many of our clients choose to augment their resources rather than maintain a constant headcount. Mpilo Tech has a proven track record of sourcing, vetting and supporting quality resources for our clients.


Multi Experience Application Development:


MpiloTech makes use of the world’s leading Omni Channel Low Code Platform - Temenos Quantum is a Multi Experience Development Platform (MXDP) that combines ease-of-use and speed of low-code productivity with deep enterprise capabilities for both consumer grade digital experiences across multiple touchpoints and robust backend services for identity, integration, orchestration, business process automation, and business rules management.


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